Demo of Tags for Media Library

Further development of this plugin has been discontinued. However, the existing feature set of this plugin will be supported for the forseeable future.

This is a demo of the gallery viewer of the plugin TML – “Tags for Media Library”. This gallery viewer is a plug compatible replacement for the standard WordPress gallery viewer for the [gallery] shortcode. It can be used independently of the other features of TML and supports five different views of a gallery. Please try the full browser viewport mode by clicking on the expand icon at the right end of the navbar. You can change the sort order by using the options dialog available by clicking on the adjust icon. The play icon starts a slide show in the large view. Hovering on the info icon on image titles or thumbnails displays information on the image. Clicking on the expand on image titles or thumbnails will display a full size view of the image except if the image will not fit on the screen in which case it is resized to fit the screen. N.B. some features are not available on tablets and phones.

The shortcode used in this demo is:

[gallery tml_view="large" columns="5" orderby="title" order="ASC"]

where the tml_view parameter is an optional TML parameter used to specify the initial view as large instead of the default standard WordPress view. The columns parameter is the WordPress gallery shortcode parameter used to specify the number of columns in the standard WordPress view – the Gallery view in the navbar. This page is using the development version with the Twenty Sixteen theme. The development version can be downloaded from GitHub or from this download link. You can contact me using this web form.

If you like this you may want to try Backbone Bootstrap Gallery – another multi-view gallery of more conventional design.